ANANDA HEMP – Kentucky roots with an Australian connection

Ananda Hemp was formed in 2015, when Australian businessman and philanthropist Barry Lambert flew to Kentucky to inspect a joint venture between US tobacco farmers and an Australian genetics company, Ecofibre. The farmers were part of a pilot program to grow hemp in Kentucky under the 2014 Farm Bill; Ecofibre was searching for a place to legally grow and develop their specialty hemp strains; and Barry saw the opportunity to fulfill his personal mission of advancing cannabinoid-based treatments to alleviate human suffering – a mission that started with his granddaughter's rare illness.

While our parent company, Ecofibre Ltd. is one of the oldest and largest hemp development companies in the world, our roots are also deep in Kentucky, where soil and climate create optimal conditions for growing hemp outdoors, under natural sunlight and rainfall. We have contracted our hemp farming with Kentucky generational farmers since 2014. We always use organic growing practices and never use pesticides, herbicides, or GMO's.

ANANDA HEMP – Kentucky roots with an Australian connection
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